Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Its with great regret

It is so sad the day has come and I have to stop with my blog.I havent posted for some time and now I have to stop with my swaps.My life has taken a swing to the right then back to the left and Im in the middle of alot of whirl winds.I will hopefully be back on board in the new year with a new life.
My swapping buddies I will miss alot as I did enjoy swapping with lots of ladies from all over.
If I missed any swaps Im sorry for that and hope to get back online asap..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some big sorries

Hi ho all in blogland,, My life is so very busy at the moment once again.My children and I have taken over the running of a Bistro at a Tavern locally and it is taking most of our time.(As if I wasnt busy enough)..I have so many photos and thanks to give out and I will be doing just that hopefully before the weekend..And once again I am late with getting started..Well the spring is here already the hayfever time and lots of sniffles have arrived..Will check in again soon..
tatatata Robyn

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


hiya,,,,ohhhhhh stop this time flying past so quickly....I havent even had a chance to get to do my July block swaps done yet and its nearly the end of the month....I have been away and straight back to work so spare time is NIL...
The problem is I have the cruise bug and for the past year I have been taking a cruise on a cruise ship every three to four months. The latest was a 8nighter to the Islands...with my second daughter her daughter and my elder grandson we headed off and had a wonderful time...
My tweo eldest beautiful grandchildren on deck...Nasty looking weather but that was only in Sydney..the further north we travelled the nicer it got...

Ohhhhhh the hugging cousins...
We had the pleasure of having breakfast with the Captain this morning to our surprise...A lovely conversation..
Will catch up on the sewing side of life on Friday...Even thou I only got about 25 stitches done on the cruise.,...hahaha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An amazing package from Tennessee

Hi ho, Ive been meaning to get some posts written but it would seem life is so very busy and I dont even get time to do any sewing.But I had to stop by before work today and post this special big thank you to a lovely lady from Tennessee USA for a very special package that arrived yesterday..
Let me explain a little my father was told 2 weeks that he had prostrate cancer..I am my dads shadow..I love him to pieces..Well Monday this week he had to attend his specialist to get the result on how the cancer had traveled and we had some wonderful news..It hasnt spread and they have caught it in time for him to have radiation 5 times a week for the next 7 weeks..I cant tell you how this has made me feel over the last 2 weeks not knowing how long I have left with my father.So to arrive home yesterday from a very long hard day at work this package gave me a very special "Pick me Up"..Thank you very much indeed Stephanie..
Just ammazing to think a stranger could involve herself into making someone on the other side of the world so happy..Its just like christmas for me so a very big special THANK YOU to Stephanie of
Thsi table runner is just amazing and I love it..It sure must of taken you sometime to make it.Did you make it? It is just beautiful..
Let me tell you what else was in the package.. a lovely book mark, a pin cushon a finger pin holder patterns for paperback book covers, Diamond delights pieces a little quilt pin and a lovely pattern for a Quilt Diva quilt..It truely is amazing...Again Thank you...
My fahters journey is just beginning and I needed badly something good and this has done it...I am looking forward to making others spirits rise when I get to do my "Pay it forward" within the next few weeks. I have two lots so maybe I need to put the call out now for anyone who would like to join in on my "Pay it forward" I am aware it may take me some time to get the word out as I dont have may followers but please anyone who is reading this and would like to receive a "Pay it forward" surprise from me please message me..
Off to work now.Im hoping to get my swap blocks posts done this week..I have receved some wonderful block and must thank the lovely ladies from all over for my blocks..
More to follow..
tatata for now Robyn

Thursday, June 9, 2011

perfect time for a blog

Hi ho, its 4.19am and Im staying at my daughters home for the night as my son in law is away on business.Its cold and early and I just so happen to have my netbook with me.A perfect time to catchup on a blog post and a pic or two of my May block swaps.
Its windy outside and strange noises just keep happening..Once im awake I cant for the life of me get back to sleep.I have to start work in two hours and thankfully my duaghters house is only about a 5 7 mins drive up the road instead of the 20 mins or so drive for me from my home.
I really am not home again much these days but have managed to get a little done on the sewing front.I must update my WIP sometime soon..I havent got any photos of them with me..I will upload some photos tonight ...
Im off on Friday morning to drive over the rest of the mountains west to a town called Bathurst..Im meeting up with my son his partner asnd my grandson

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello all in Blogland, Im havent fallen of the side of the world or been eaten by Aliens..I have just been offline and had lots of family issues which has kept me from Blogging..I just spent half hour typing and posting photos and in one push of the wrong button I lost the entire post..I am hopeless when it comes to the computer.
I have to say a big thank you to Cheryll of "Gone Stitchin" for her wonderful "Pay it Forward" gift she sent me..I am unable to download any photos due to this stupid computer..I will need to try again tommorrow..

And another lady I need to say a big big thank you to is Alicia Bisel from Okeene in Oklahoma in the USA for her April Block.She not only sent me her block but she also sent me all the remaining materials from the block.Since then I have managed to make 12 block in Crazy patchwork with the remaining material...Again I dont seem to be able to get this computer to download photos.
Please ladies dont think that I have forgotten you and my thanks have come late but being offline for a couple of weeks has been hard...
Hopefully this has worked and the photos have uploaded.
Also a big thanks to Bobbie Bartlett of QLD for her May block
I am hopeing to be able to keep up with my blogs now..All althought time has passed I will try and post all my block in due cause..
tata for now

Monday, April 18, 2011

So Many Photos

I just spent half hour typing up a new post and posted it but put it all on the wrong blog..Oh stupid me..Idiot person..I will attempt it again on my blog..
I took over 300 photos on our recent cruise to New Zealand. I couldnt possibly share them all with you but will add a few for you to enjoy..

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hiya, we are back on aussie soil after a wonderful holiday on the seas.We had a great time seeing the beautiful sights of Milford Sound.(New Zealand) then we headed up the east coast of New Zealand on the cruise ship stopping a few stops.Milford Sound and Dusky Sound and another couple of beautiful places down the bottom of New Zealand were so truely amazing to see.If its not on your Bucket List it should be..I will add some photos.I have lots to catch up on as far as my swapping blocks and One flower Wednesday and Im hoping that my partners dont think I fell of the side of the world.I will get to this weekend and get them all sent on Monday.
Of course I didnt get any sewing done on the cruise as time goes so very quickly and with so much to do on board there was never a dull moment.
I will post all that I have updates on over this weekend.
tata for now Robyn

Friday, March 18, 2011

Missing block for Janet in Canada

Im adding this pic of a block I sent to Janet In Yukon in Canada that seems to of gone missing..boooohooo

Im sorry Janet that isnt hasnt turned up and if it doesnt show up in the next week I will make another..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Expo

ROBYNHi Last Friday my mum and I went down to Sydney for the Craft Expo..Had a lovely day anything was we ran out of time...
I bought a few things that I had to have..I found a lovely stall called Margarets Fabrics..She does Candlewicking.That is one thing I havent really
tried but I have now..

Among the other things I bought were beads and embellishments for my crazy qQuilt a lovely Matryoshka Maidens Armchair sewing caddy needlecase and scissor charm...(Looking forward to doing that one) also a lovely little
christmas deco and table piece,candlewicking lavender bag kit and a lovely lot of lace...We did have a wonderful time together...

I h
I have also managed to get two more blocks done for "Love Notes...It is coming along very nicely...

ave also today completed two of my March Swap Blocks...Cant post those pics as I dont want to spoil it for Vanessa of Vic and Margaret of LA but as my previous post says I am having lots of problems with my last block Four and Twenty blackbirds...I will keep trying it till I am happy with it...Hope thats not too
Well the damn weather is horrible.Raining and raining..But shouldnt complain cause the Mother Nature diasters that are happening so cloase to home is so scarey....
Hope all are well in Blogland...Havent been able to do much reading of my fave blogs this week as its been busy week at work with only today off but I am looking forward to next weekend as its my 4 day weekend...yipppppyyyyyy...
tata for now..

Help help help Four and Twenty Blackbirds Block

I have spent a few hours trying to make a block for my Aussie Block swap March partner and after two attempts it just doesnt look any good to me..Has anyone make this block????Any tips for me please????

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One flower Wednesday here again

hi ya all,,,,,,I just dont know where the time goes...Wednesday again and I did manage to get a couple of flowers made for my garden...

As I was away for a few weeks I didnt get much sewing done.I have dug out my "Gollyville" that I started some years ago...but as you can see each piece has to be pieced together and appliqued and beleive me with the hare little needle needed to stitch around every little piece my fingers are never the same...
This is only 1/3 of the way takes me a full day to copy cut arrange iron ...then the sewing part takes some time..I cant sit still long enough to do it all in one
tata for now..

Monday, March 7, 2011

A few added photos

In my last post I didnt add some photos that I meant to add..
The beautiful cushion my mum gave me for my 50th birthday and the latest cross stitch I have my hand in...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Im home Safe and sound and ready for some sewing

Im home after a wonderful 3 weeks of holidaying.Hubby and I set sail on the Pacific Sun from Newcastle  for 10nights visiting Noumea, Isle of Pines,Mystery Island,Vila and Lifou.It is my 5th time on a cruise ship and we had a wonderful time.The day after arriving back from the cruise my son grandson and I went to the Gold Coast for 5 days and had another wonderful time.So its been 3 weeks of fun and now Im back at work and back into the rut of working...I didnt manage much sewing while I was away but did manage some cross stitch...Photo to follow..

Im going to attempt to get my Feb block swaps done and posted today...I did email my Feb swap partners before I went away and told them I would be late in getting them away but they will be on their way hopefully today...I also have two block I will post on the block swap pages.
I had a wonderful 50th birthday aswell while I was away.The day before we left my family had a surprise party for me with family and friends..Im not one for surprises and have never had a surprise party but it turned out just lovely.  Then on the ship they arrange balloons and a cake for anyone who has a birthday while on there..How embarrassing..But it was so nice..We dinned with some lovely people that night and decided to stay with them to have dinner each night..I received some really lovely presents..My mum and dad gave me the most beautiful cushion that I found at Rick Rutherfords Country Shoppe (Which is
 just up the road from me).Photo below..My hubby bought me a Sapphire and diamond ring just gorgeous and teapots and tea cups for my collections.Oh it was just all so overwhelming....

Im being very spoilt this year already and in 4 weeks we have our family holiday (another cruise) to New Zealand..My eldest daughter her hubby and their 3 children Jordan 9 Xavier 3 and Jorja 1 my hubby and myself all leave for a 10night cruise to New Zealand..We have been advise we will now miss Christchurch for reasons everyone will know about..My heart is still going out to all in NZ and esp Christchurch...I just dont know what is happening to our planet.It is so sad that we have seen so many mather nature disasters in the last 6 7 months.Lets all pray that disasters will come to an end and we can live without fear...I dont know about everyone else but I think this earth has changed so very much.Progress I guess is the cause of it all.
My moto now is enjoy each day.Dont worry about tomorrow cause who knows what it may bring...
Well sewing to be done and photos to be taken..
Must say its nice to be back online..
tata for now

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE HEATWAVE One flower Wednesday newly arrived block and IM SAILING

Hello, Oh so long since my last post.Seems forever..I have been checking in and reading my fave blogs but I just haven't had time to post anything. Firstly, thank you Joscelyn for your" friendship scrap  block" for January,  that arrived on Monday for the Block Swap Adventure...

Thank you Leena from Kensington NSW I received safely your christmas block for Jan and I love it..thanks again....
At the moment we are having a Heat wave in Sydney..I am about 1 and half hours west of Sydney right up in the Mountains and usually it is allot cooler up here than it is in the city.But at the moment it is so hot here.My husband was on his way home from work this afternoon and it read on his temp gauge 52 degree.So in reality that would be around 42.....I arrived home and put the air con on but now its bed time and i am sweating like crazy...Poor Cairns are waiting for a cyclone..What on earth is happening to our country....

Well once again not much done with adding to my flower garden.I did manage one flower this morning

That only makes 9 completed flowers..

I don't know about everyone else but there are times that I just need to do something else and this week I just needed to get out some cross stitch...I just love this pattern book I have had for some years and I am doing the grandmother and little girl...It is so very cute..I love the colours..

Well that been just about all this week.Oh I did finish my first block of The Cream Crazy quilt..I will photo that for next post...


Well this Sunday dear husband and I are off for our next South Pacific Cruise with P & O...
Our last cruise was last June, we had 14 nights on the Pacific Jewel..This cruise we are off on the Pacific Sun.
We will have 10 nights this time..The day after we arrive back my son, his son ( my grandson) and myself are off to the Gold Coast for 6 days.So I will be away until around the 22nd Feb....I wont be posting or reading blogs in that time as the are no Internet facilities on the ship...
I have 3 blocks to complete before I go but I dont know if I will get them all done.If not I will have them done when I get back....
OH and in that time I am having my 50th birthday...We will be sailing towards Noumea on the 8th ..Not that Noumea is the nicest of places but thats where Ill be for my birthday...
Hope all are well in Blogland and until my next blog..All take care...
tata for now

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mini Golly and One Flower Wednesday

Hi, well I am a day behind with my One Flower Wednesday as there was a very bad storm here last night so I didnt post my weeks progress..I didnt get that much done but I have added some smokey green hexies and they stand out very nicelt with the black boarder.I will do some more flowers this weekend and the garden will be alot healthier.
I have added a photo of a Gollywog that I promised a friend about 2 years ago and when I caught up with her this week after all this time, she remindered me I hadnt made her her Golly..So I made her this one.I have to add the eyes but all the hair is made of beads at the back of his head and I will also add a blue bow tie...I just love making these. When I had my gift store I made alot of these little guys and sold quite alot of them..I am a big Golly collector  Just love em....
Well not much sewing as its been a busy week...I hope all are well in Blogland..Until next time


Monday, January 17, 2011

OHHHH welcome blue sky and sunshine

It has been the most horrible start to summer this year here in the mountains and like most of Australia its the same...I remember not so long ago summer was summer, winter was winter, aAutumn was autumn and spring was spring but now we can get all seasons in one day...Its quite scary and very hard to plan for as each day is so very different.My garden has become out of control so I am planning on working out there today for sometime as its my only day off and the sunshine is beautiful...
I also wanted to stop for a min and pay my regards to all aussies in Queensland who are now starting to get on with their new lives..I am hoping that it will be smooth traveling for you all and I will be helping in someway..I am, like everyone,  so sad for all of you up there and now Victoria is heading the same way.We all know the Victorians don't need another disaster after the bad fires there two years ago.I have been to all these places of disaster but Anna Bligh is right.."You will get thru it"...All my prayers are with you all...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One flower Wednesday

Well not alot more in the making of more flowers but I have joined them and the garden is slowly growing...I have bought some nice smokey green to add to act as leaves and will add them by next does look nicer as it grows...
I have started my crazy quilt in creams..I cant find any sites on the Internet with different embellishments but if anyone out in blog land have any sites I could check out or if they have made a crazy quilt id love to hear from you....It is very addictive..I don't like to put down my sewing most of the time and could sew all day but work awaits...Roll on retirement..I have enough stash to last me the rest of my life and do look forward to try all I want...Ohhhhhhh to dream..
I took a photo of all my blocks I have received in the Aussie block swap..I have 4 in total with the last received today..Thanks Sandi in the US for todays...

Oh I realise everyone in Aussie and around the world are sending their thoughts and prayers to all in Queensland that have been affected with the floods...My heart goes out to you all...Stay safe all...

Monday, January 10, 2011

I feel so stupid... TAGGED

It was so very kind of Cheryll of Gone stitchin to tagg me so my blog is more "OUT THERE"..I attempted to get some of my followers to tagg them but  first I couldnt keep my eyes open and now I attempted to do it again and my computer wouldnt let me stay signed in to add some more to tagg...Sounds complicated doesnt it well it for me anyway.Finding my way around the computer is something of a challenge...I have tagged two of my followers.... That is Cathy of and Alex of
I am sorry Cheryll..I try and spend so much time trying to get things done on the computer . I am totally self taught .It is worth a laugh but thank you for your thoughts in tagging me...tata