Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mini Golly and One Flower Wednesday

Hi, well I am a day behind with my One Flower Wednesday as there was a very bad storm here last night so I didnt post my weeks progress..I didnt get that much done but I have added some smokey green hexies and they stand out very nicelt with the black boarder.I will do some more flowers this weekend and the garden will be alot healthier.
I have added a photo of a Gollywog that I promised a friend about 2 years ago and when I caught up with her this week after all this time, she remindered me I hadnt made her her Golly..So I made her this one.I have to add the eyes but all the hair is made of beads at the back of his head and I will also add a blue bow tie...I just love making these. When I had my gift store I made alot of these little guys and sold quite alot of them..I am a big Golly collector  Just love em....
Well not much sewing as its been a busy week...I hope all are well in Blogland..Until next time


Monday, January 17, 2011

OHHHH welcome blue sky and sunshine

It has been the most horrible start to summer this year here in the mountains and like most of Australia its the same...I remember not so long ago summer was summer, winter was winter, aAutumn was autumn and spring was spring but now we can get all seasons in one day...Its quite scary and very hard to plan for as each day is so very different.My garden has become out of control so I am planning on working out there today for sometime as its my only day off and the sunshine is beautiful...
I also wanted to stop for a min and pay my regards to all aussies in Queensland who are now starting to get on with their new lives..I am hoping that it will be smooth traveling for you all and I will be helping in someway..I am, like everyone,  so sad for all of you up there and now Victoria is heading the same way.We all know the Victorians don't need another disaster after the bad fires there two years ago.I have been to all these places of disaster but Anna Bligh is right.."You will get thru it"...All my prayers are with you all...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One flower Wednesday

Well not alot more in the making of more flowers but I have joined them and the garden is slowly growing...I have bought some nice smokey green to add to act as leaves and will add them by next does look nicer as it grows...
I have started my crazy quilt in creams..I cant find any sites on the Internet with different embellishments but if anyone out in blog land have any sites I could check out or if they have made a crazy quilt id love to hear from you....It is very addictive..I don't like to put down my sewing most of the time and could sew all day but work awaits...Roll on retirement..I have enough stash to last me the rest of my life and do look forward to try all I want...Ohhhhhhh to dream..
I took a photo of all my blocks I have received in the Aussie block swap..I have 4 in total with the last received today..Thanks Sandi in the US for todays...

Oh I realise everyone in Aussie and around the world are sending their thoughts and prayers to all in Queensland that have been affected with the floods...My heart goes out to you all...Stay safe all...

Monday, January 10, 2011

I feel so stupid... TAGGED

It was so very kind of Cheryll of Gone stitchin to tagg me so my blog is more "OUT THERE"..I attempted to get some of my followers to tagg them but  first I couldnt keep my eyes open and now I attempted to do it again and my computer wouldnt let me stay signed in to add some more to tagg...Sounds complicated doesnt it well it for me anyway.Finding my way around the computer is something of a challenge...I have tagged two of my followers.... That is Cathy of and Alex of
I am sorry Cheryll..I try and spend so much time trying to get things done on the computer . I am totally self taught .It is worth a laugh but thank you for your thoughts in tagging me...tata

Oh my........Sewing for hours and finially done.....

Armed with a cuppa, my web note book,3 printed out patterns I headed to my sewing room,,Lights on window opened Radio blaring on 2ws... and there I sat and cut and measured and cut and measured and 6 hours later I rise from my chair....(A comfy one at that) but the head ache has started cause I missed breakie and lunch....Oh well I have finished my three February blocks...

Aussie Block swap......SNEAK PEEK for Leena of Kensington NSW with her "Card Trick"block.. Done in Brights and black boarder...
American Block Adventure No 2     Next SNEAK PEEK is this Pinwheel  for Joscelyn of San Francisco USA done in Purples
Aussie Christmas Swap      And last SNEAK PEEK is Rail Fence for Pat Smith of Oregon USA done in red and green Christmas prints
During the last week I received this lovely block from Leena of Kensington NSW for my aussie Block swap for Jan 2011...Very nice block thank you Leena..
Today I have just received and opened my Aussie christmas swap block from Pat in Oregon USA of some very nice christmas trees..They are just wonderful..Thank you Pat..

This is going to be the starting of a cream crazy quilt that I am intending on making in the coming weeks..I just love cream and with all these embellishments I am really looking forward to starting..I haven't found a pattern as yet but if anyone has one that they would like to share please message or email me...Id love to hear from anyone who has made a crazy quilt...They are truly masterpieces and I cant wait to get started on mine....

Not much other sewing this week apart from my One Flower Wednesday which I will post on Wednesday and a little more of my "Love Notes" block 4 I stitched a little around the applique....

The weather here is horrible I has not stopped raining for days and thank goodness I live up in the mountains with no chance of flooding.My heart still goes to those up in Queensland with all the floods with no dry days in sight.
TATA for now..

Computer problems...

Hi all, wll I am having problems staying signed in with my link to this blog so previouly I added two of my followers that I wanted to tagg so I will tagg them and try later today to tagg some more...I will be sewing most of the day so will post my pictures later today...

Friday, January 7, 2011   mmmm now this is Cherylls blogspot address and I am feeling clever cause I managed to get her address on sorry im so slow at learning this computer stiff..anyway I hope you will go an visit her blog..The rules for this award are as follows
1. Tell the readers who tagged you
2.Add a link to their blog
3. Award 3-5 bloggers who you think deserves this award..
Inform them and post directions to your blogspot.
Please dont tagg bloggers that have more than 300 followers
The goal of this award is to give publicity to the smallers blog that are good but not so well known..
Let the surfing fun begin..I award the following......
2) Alex
3)   i will add a couple tommorrow as I cant keep my eyes open right please stay turned 

OHHHHHH my goodness ive been TAGGED

Well what a lovely surprise.I was tagged today from my bloggy friend Cheyll over at Gone Stitchin...Now im not really sure how it all works yet as I havent recevied anything like this before but I will accept the award and try my hardest to get the link  this may take me some time so please be patient ..loll.thanks...and thank you Cheryll it is very lovely of you and exciting for me...I will give it a go...
tata for now

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Flower Wednesday

I found some lovely pictures of angels..

Its Thursday here today so Im a day late.I have done 5 from 6 days straight at work and have only done a few stitches to a couple of projects this week.There just isnt enough hours in a day but too many in others.I have this weekend off well a 4 day weekend so I am planning on spending a day housework a day with my mother and 2 days sewing..LoL.. well that is the plan as of today...I hope all are well in blog land.I havent done alot of reading of my fav blogs lately either..same problem ..not enough time but I do enjoy the ones I have been able to read. So roll on Sunday and Monday as I have three blocks to sew and some photos to share...

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well as we start a new year my heart goes out to the people up in Queensland that have lost their houses and everything they own due to the floods.I can not for a second know the feeling of being in this situation.Our government has asked for donations to be sent but I sure hope they put their hands in the big pocket and pull out something that will help these very unfortunate aussies.Probably none of them will be reading this but my thoughts and blessing are with them and hope it wont be too long before they get back to some kind of life that is enjoyed in Australia..Many of them wont ever get over this disaster but being aussie they will work towards regaining their lives...