Monday, January 17, 2011

OHHHH welcome blue sky and sunshine

It has been the most horrible start to summer this year here in the mountains and like most of Australia its the same...I remember not so long ago summer was summer, winter was winter, aAutumn was autumn and spring was spring but now we can get all seasons in one day...Its quite scary and very hard to plan for as each day is so very different.My garden has become out of control so I am planning on working out there today for sometime as its my only day off and the sunshine is beautiful...
I also wanted to stop for a min and pay my regards to all aussies in Queensland who are now starting to get on with their new lives..I am hoping that it will be smooth traveling for you all and I will be helping in someway..I am, like everyone,  so sad for all of you up there and now Victoria is heading the same way.We all know the Victorians don't need another disaster after the bad fires there two years ago.I have been to all these places of disaster but Anna Bligh is right.."You will get thru it"...All my prayers are with you all...

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  1. Lets all hope it's sooner rather than too much later. We all feel for the poor victims and everyone should do what they can to help.