Wednesday, July 27, 2011


hiya,,,,ohhhhhh stop this time flying past so quickly....I havent even had a chance to get to do my July block swaps done yet and its nearly the end of the month....I have been away and straight back to work so spare time is NIL...
The problem is I have the cruise bug and for the past year I have been taking a cruise on a cruise ship every three to four months. The latest was a 8nighter to the Islands...with my second daughter her daughter and my elder grandson we headed off and had a wonderful time...
My tweo eldest beautiful grandchildren on deck...Nasty looking weather but that was only in Sydney..the further north we travelled the nicer it got...

Ohhhhhh the hugging cousins...
We had the pleasure of having breakfast with the Captain this morning to our surprise...A lovely conversation..
Will catch up on the sewing side of life on Friday...Even thou I only got about 25 stitches done on the cruise.,...hahaha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An amazing package from Tennessee

Hi ho, Ive been meaning to get some posts written but it would seem life is so very busy and I dont even get time to do any sewing.But I had to stop by before work today and post this special big thank you to a lovely lady from Tennessee USA for a very special package that arrived yesterday..
Let me explain a little my father was told 2 weeks that he had prostrate cancer..I am my dads shadow..I love him to pieces..Well Monday this week he had to attend his specialist to get the result on how the cancer had traveled and we had some wonderful news..It hasnt spread and they have caught it in time for him to have radiation 5 times a week for the next 7 weeks..I cant tell you how this has made me feel over the last 2 weeks not knowing how long I have left with my father.So to arrive home yesterday from a very long hard day at work this package gave me a very special "Pick me Up"..Thank you very much indeed Stephanie..
Just ammazing to think a stranger could involve herself into making someone on the other side of the world so happy..Its just like christmas for me so a very big special THANK YOU to Stephanie of
Thsi table runner is just amazing and I love it..It sure must of taken you sometime to make it.Did you make it? It is just beautiful..
Let me tell you what else was in the package.. a lovely book mark, a pin cushon a finger pin holder patterns for paperback book covers, Diamond delights pieces a little quilt pin and a lovely pattern for a Quilt Diva quilt..It truely is amazing...Again Thank you...
My fahters journey is just beginning and I needed badly something good and this has done it...I am looking forward to making others spirits rise when I get to do my "Pay it forward" within the next few weeks. I have two lots so maybe I need to put the call out now for anyone who would like to join in on my "Pay it forward" I am aware it may take me some time to get the word out as I dont have may followers but please anyone who is reading this and would like to receive a "Pay it forward" surprise from me please message me..
Off to work now.Im hoping to get my swap blocks posts done this week..I have receved some wonderful block and must thank the lovely ladies from all over for my blocks..
More to follow..
tatata for now Robyn