Thursday, June 9, 2011

perfect time for a blog

Hi ho, its 4.19am and Im staying at my daughters home for the night as my son in law is away on business.Its cold and early and I just so happen to have my netbook with me.A perfect time to catchup on a blog post and a pic or two of my May block swaps.
Its windy outside and strange noises just keep happening..Once im awake I cant for the life of me get back to sleep.I have to start work in two hours and thankfully my duaghters house is only about a 5 7 mins drive up the road instead of the 20 mins or so drive for me from my home.
I really am not home again much these days but have managed to get a little done on the sewing front.I must update my WIP sometime soon..I havent got any photos of them with me..I will upload some photos tonight ...
Im off on Friday morning to drive over the rest of the mountains west to a town called Bathurst..Im meeting up with my son his partner asnd my grandson