Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Expo

ROBYNHi Last Friday my mum and I went down to Sydney for the Craft Expo..Had a lovely day anything was we ran out of time...
I bought a few things that I had to have..I found a lovely stall called Margarets Fabrics..She does Candlewicking.That is one thing I havent really
tried but I have now..

Among the other things I bought were beads and embellishments for my crazy qQuilt a lovely Matryoshka Maidens Armchair sewing caddy needlecase and scissor charm...(Looking forward to doing that one) also a lovely little
christmas deco and table piece,candlewicking lavender bag kit and a lovely lot of lace...We did have a wonderful time together...

I h
I have also managed to get two more blocks done for "Love Notes...It is coming along very nicely...

ave also today completed two of my March Swap Blocks...Cant post those pics as I dont want to spoil it for Vanessa of Vic and Margaret of LA but as my previous post says I am having lots of problems with my last block Four and Twenty blackbirds...I will keep trying it till I am happy with it...Hope thats not too
Well the damn weather is horrible.Raining and raining..But shouldnt complain cause the Mother Nature diasters that are happening so cloase to home is so scarey....
Hope all are well in Blogland...Havent been able to do much reading of my fave blogs this week as its been busy week at work with only today off but I am looking forward to next weekend as its my 4 day weekend...yipppppyyyyyy...
tata for now..


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! As far as candlewicking, you really have to like making french knots because it is very similar to that. That was one craft I passed on.

  2. Expo's are wonderful to spend time and money at! Looks and sounds like you did well! :)

  3. Hi Robyn, it is lovely to hear from you. Looks as if you had a wonder time at the Expo. How is the credit card going lol. - Sandra.