Monday, February 28, 2011

Im home Safe and sound and ready for some sewing

Im home after a wonderful 3 weeks of holidaying.Hubby and I set sail on the Pacific Sun from Newcastle  for 10nights visiting Noumea, Isle of Pines,Mystery Island,Vila and Lifou.It is my 5th time on a cruise ship and we had a wonderful time.The day after arriving back from the cruise my son grandson and I went to the Gold Coast for 5 days and had another wonderful time.So its been 3 weeks of fun and now Im back at work and back into the rut of working...I didnt manage much sewing while I was away but did manage some cross stitch...Photo to follow..

Im going to attempt to get my Feb block swaps done and posted today...I did email my Feb swap partners before I went away and told them I would be late in getting them away but they will be on their way hopefully today...I also have two block I will post on the block swap pages.
I had a wonderful 50th birthday aswell while I was away.The day before we left my family had a surprise party for me with family and friends..Im not one for surprises and have never had a surprise party but it turned out just lovely.  Then on the ship they arrange balloons and a cake for anyone who has a birthday while on there..How embarrassing..But it was so nice..We dinned with some lovely people that night and decided to stay with them to have dinner each night..I received some really lovely presents..My mum and dad gave me the most beautiful cushion that I found at Rick Rutherfords Country Shoppe (Which is
 just up the road from me).Photo below..My hubby bought me a Sapphire and diamond ring just gorgeous and teapots and tea cups for my collections.Oh it was just all so overwhelming....

Im being very spoilt this year already and in 4 weeks we have our family holiday (another cruise) to New Zealand..My eldest daughter her hubby and their 3 children Jordan 9 Xavier 3 and Jorja 1 my hubby and myself all leave for a 10night cruise to New Zealand..We have been advise we will now miss Christchurch for reasons everyone will know about..My heart is still going out to all in NZ and esp Christchurch...I just dont know what is happening to our planet.It is so sad that we have seen so many mather nature disasters in the last 6 7 months.Lets all pray that disasters will come to an end and we can live without fear...I dont know about everyone else but I think this earth has changed so very much.Progress I guess is the cause of it all.
My moto now is enjoy each day.Dont worry about tomorrow cause who knows what it may bring...
Well sewing to be done and photos to be taken..
Must say its nice to be back online..
tata for now


  1. Sounds like a WoNdErFuL holiday..and a very HaPPy BiRtHdAy albeit now you'll be all rested for the NeXt holiday.LOL :)

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip! Happy belated birthday to you!! Thanks for sharing your pics of your vacation.