Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One flower Wednesday here again

hi ya all,,,,,,I just dont know where the time goes...Wednesday again and I did manage to get a couple of flowers made for my garden...

As I was away for a few weeks I didnt get much sewing done.I have dug out my "Gollyville" that I started some years ago...but as you can see each piece has to be pieced together and appliqued and beleive me with the hare little needle needed to stitch around every little piece my fingers are never the same...
This is only 1/3 of the way takes me a full day to copy cut arrange iron ...then the sewing part takes some time..I cant sit still long enough to do it all in one
tata for now..


  1. Well.. a great tada it is! ;o)

    And what a nice hexies you've made.

  2. Your hexies are beautiful! Gollyville is totally amazing!

  3. Four flowers is not bad! They are marvellous!

    I see you have two cavalies...I have one too, his name is BO and he's a tricolor

  4. A very pretty garden you are growing! Love Gollyville! Such fun. :)

  5. Love how your garden is growing, and that Gollyville is too cute, I've never seen one before.

  6. Wow! Your dark (is it black?) pathway really makes your flowers stand out beautifully.
    Gollyville looks like lots of work.

  7. Very nice flowers and I do love your dark pathway, your garden is growing beautifully.