Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE HEATWAVE One flower Wednesday newly arrived block and IM SAILING

Hello, Oh so long since my last post.Seems forever..I have been checking in and reading my fave blogs but I just haven't had time to post anything. Firstly, thank you Joscelyn for your" friendship scrap  block" for January,  that arrived on Monday for the Block Swap Adventure...

Thank you Leena from Kensington NSW I received safely your christmas block for Jan and I love it..thanks again....
At the moment we are having a Heat wave in Sydney..I am about 1 and half hours west of Sydney right up in the Mountains and usually it is allot cooler up here than it is in the city.But at the moment it is so hot here.My husband was on his way home from work this afternoon and it read on his temp gauge 52 degree.So in reality that would be around 42.....I arrived home and put the air con on but now its bed time and i am sweating like crazy...Poor Cairns are waiting for a cyclone..What on earth is happening to our country....

Well once again not much done with adding to my flower garden.I did manage one flower this morning

That only makes 9 completed flowers..

I don't know about everyone else but there are times that I just need to do something else and this week I just needed to get out some cross stitch...I just love this pattern book I have had for some years and I am doing the grandmother and little girl...It is so very cute..I love the colours..

Well that been just about all this week.Oh I did finish my first block of The Cream Crazy quilt..I will photo that for next post...


Well this Sunday dear husband and I are off for our next South Pacific Cruise with P & O...
Our last cruise was last June, we had 14 nights on the Pacific Jewel..This cruise we are off on the Pacific Sun.
We will have 10 nights this time..The day after we arrive back my son, his son ( my grandson) and myself are off to the Gold Coast for 6 days.So I will be away until around the 22nd Feb....I wont be posting or reading blogs in that time as the are no Internet facilities on the ship...
I have 3 blocks to complete before I go but I dont know if I will get them all done.If not I will have them done when I get back....
OH and in that time I am having my 50th birthday...We will be sailing towards Noumea on the 8th ..Not that Noumea is the nicest of places but thats where Ill be for my birthday...
Hope all are well in Blogland and until my next blog..All take care...
tata for now


  1. Beautiful block! I really like your hexie flower - such happy colors. Your cross stitch is beautiful. Have fun on the cruise!!

  2. Hi Robyn...A Great Post..have a fabulous time and a very happy Birthday,,,,Kate xxx

  3. There may be only one hexie flower, but it is lovely

  4. Hi Robyn,
    maybe you haven't done much about your garden, but this one's a lovely one!

  5. Hello Robyn, Beautiful flower to add to your garden!

    Have a wonderful time on your trip and Happy Birthday!


  6. Hi.
    Your garden is growing. And you have made a lovely flower this week.
    Have a wonderful time and also a happy birthday to you.
    Greeting from another flower garden quilter.

  7. Love the fabric, makes for a nice bright bloom. Send some of your heat my way, have a great cruise.

  8. What exciting plans you have. Enjoy yourself.
    P.S. Your hexie is beautiful.

  9. Cute tree block and pretty flower! I wish you a happy holiday and a happy birthday!

  10. I love your flower, and your tree block. Enjoy your cruise, and Happy Birthday!