Friday, September 17, 2010

Years of UFOs stashed....

What a beauitful day in the mountains today..I just love Fridays that are nice in the spring.(Friday being my day off from work.During the week I came across three UFO quilts that I started years ago.The first is one that I started when my eldest daughter was a couple of months old, she is now nearly 27.It was my first attempt in a class I went to..Its a single bed one with 8 blocks..Just lovely.
The second is a hexagon flower in smoky pink and cream..It is finished but I never got to the outside boarder.It would be double bed size.
The third is one that I did within the last 8 years but I tried to put on too thick a wadding and never changed it so it became my third UFO...I ask ...... who else out there has  UFOs or do I have a mental problem..LOL..
The main problem is that I dont know how to finish them and have said for years that I need to go to a class to get them finished..I will..I promise myself that its just getting the time.
Now for my updates on the projects I am working on at the moment...
"Love Notes"    well I finished all the blanket stitching around the first block..Getting materials ready for the boarder for that..
"Calling all Angels"   blanket stitched all the two angels in the top block, just have to add the "I beleive in Angels" star in between their hands and that will be done.
Then the panic Baby blanket for my youngest daughters baby shower that is this Sunday.. So it was started and I have finished the blanket stitching around the bear..I have to add the stars and a little glass or something under him and then I will put on the back and edge it ready for Sunday..
So that is a run down on my week ..Back to work tommorrow and roll on Monday..I dont work Mondays or Fridays so between housework and my sewing it isnt hard to pick my favourite job of the day...


  1. I just LoVe the bear! Sooooo CuTe!!!!!
    I have lots of bear patterns I plan to use one day (grandKids...hint hint..)

  2. I love the hexagon quilt. Every quilter must have one of those to do on their bucket list.

  3. Oooo....ooooo That looks like a super fun quilt to start!! Right up my alley - good for the ADD in me.. LOL j/k - your angel block is super cute..
    BTW, I would love to know what kind of machine you have - did you try a darning foot? ya sure ya can't do it?? I even made some progress on my $99 Singer from wal mart. lol
    But my $400 Janome is FMQing like a dream!
    one more thing as QuiltJane said, I TOO have a hexie project (a very small wallhanging) in 30s fabrics in my car for travel.. ; ) Yours is gorgeous I dream in dusty pinks!!