Monday, September 6, 2010

Well I tought I had the hang of downloading..

Goodness I cant seem to download more than one photo at a time...They download but then dissapear..I will work on it..But in the mean time I will do one photo at a time...
After a busy weekend and Fathers Day yesterday here in Aussie..My 1 daughter with her 3 children and my son and his son my mum and dad and I went for lunch to a nearby town called Lithgow for lunch..It was a nice drive thru the countryside from home to there.Some really lovely spots to look at which included a lovely Craft shop which I just love going to...
It was a nice day..So no sewing got done over the weekend and I am back at work tommorrow after a week off..I was going to start my spring cleaning but that didnt happen...


  1. Hello Robyn! Welcome to blog-land!! Your quilt is lovely, such beautiful colours!

    Don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of posting pics etc etc, it does take a bit of fiddling around!

    Do you have an email link for your blog? It's handy if you want to leave comments on other blogs, that way they can reply to you.

    If you need help on your blog, just put up a post about it, we are all out here to help if we can !! :-)

  2. Hi Robyn love your quilt looking forward to seeing many of your things on the blog
    hugs Beth