Saturday, December 4, 2010

This weeks doings...

Hi,well the week started with getting ready with the lollies for christmas.My mum and two daughters came over on Monday and we started to create the lolly for the tree one for me...

I decided to do all my grandchildren a christmas stocking and this is the results of the applique so far...

Santas for the boys

And Angels for the girls...

My eldest grandson is 10 so I will do him something different...Its been lots of fun so far ....I just love doing applique...As you can see in the backgraound..NOT MUCH HOUSEWORK THIS DAY

And last of all the only BOM I have done anywork on this week is the 3rd for my "Love Notes"

A beautiful horseshoe is the 3rd block

Well its my 2nd granddaughters 1st birthday today..So party time tonight..Its Saturday morning 6.24 and Im off to work...This working weekend really isnt good for family life....I' ll have mose to post soon..Just now fair well..


  1. I love your Santa blocks, where did you get this pattern?

    Thanks for sharing these. Angels are adorable too!


  2. Hi Robyn, I have just discovered your blog, love the photo of the Three Sisters. I used to live in Wentworth Falls after I was married and had winter holidays in Blackheath up until I was 11, some of my happiest memories. I now live in Bathurst with 3 of my 5 children and love to make quilts and have a fledgling longarm quilting business.
    Happy New year!