Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November swaps on their way

Well I finially received my new sewing machine and after having my older one going so slow I am finding it so hard to kepp up with the speed on the new one..Oh it is sure a delight to have a decent machine...I got two of my swaps completed and they are on their way to Heather and Alex...I did enjoy making them and I will be much happier when I can line all the points up in the right places..I am very new to the patchwork side of things as I have always done applique..Hope you receive them both soon and like them...I guess like everyone else there is always that like fear that the receiver wont like their block...
Camillas finished Love Notes

Home is where the heart is  4th block just about finished  but I hand dyed some lace flowers and made it a little more mine..

It does look alot nicer in life than on this photo..

# 4 and 5 grandchildren at their pops 52nd birthday last weekend..

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  1. love the photos - they are certainly some cute kiddles!!! and great job catching up - hope you are enjoying the new machine still