Thursday, October 14, 2010

I have not gone far....

Well it certainly has been a very long week this week but not with sewing.I got the phone call at 3.36am Monday morning to say my daughter was in labour.She lives at least 30 mins from me so dressed and of I go.Picked her up and headed to the hospital which was another 30 mins on..Her partner followed behind.It sure was a long day as Reily wasn't born until 4.42pm..It was a difficult birth and a panic towards the end but I was so proud of her and her sisters..They were all involved and great for each other as I was a tad of a mess seeing her in so much pain.The father opted out of cutting the cord but brave nan just did it.That was the 5th one of my grandchildrens births.I wasn't invited to my 3rd grandsons as his mother wanted her family there. Anyway all is well and they are leaving the hospital today for home...God bless you all and I prayer for a happy life for the three of you.
Now on the sewing front..I joined the Australian Christmas swap and my first partner was Linda from Stray Stitches.(sorry I don't know how yet to put your blog name so it comes up so people can check it out..
In fact I need some help with how to do that and also how to add buttons of things I join..Can someone please help me with that....  Anyway I have completed that 12 1/2" square for Linda and I have pieced together a fair lot of my "Calling All Angels"which I will photograph tomorrow...
I have been working as it has been my hectic week but I have a 4 day weekend as of after today's shift...There is a few things going on in the mountains this weekend...I have a All things wool and lace show at the Academy in the next town and also a garage sale advertising lots of vintage fabrics and craft magazines. Well as my husband says  Oh your need some more of will never have enough...
I am waiting for my second BOM from Love Notes...A month seems so long to wait for a block to arrive..I might have to crank it up to 2 blocks a month... There is also a doll and bear fair in Sydney on Sunday that i never miss.
Must sign off and see if I can get some photos downloaded..It is 1.34am and I'm trying to be quiet.I have a big problem with sleeping so I creep out and turn the puter on and try to make myself sleepy again.It works some mornings...
Take care all...
Introducing Riley Mark born 4.42am 11/10/10    Weighing 6lb 5oz  44 cms long and head 33cms round...Welcome to our family little man....
Caiden checking his new cousin out...


  1. Hi Robyn! Firstly, congrats on the arrival of Riley Mark - don't you just love newborns!!! I love how they get all wrapped up in those hospital blankets!
    Gotta love a new baby!!

    If you would like to send me an email, I'll try and assist you in the computer issues! It will be a back and forth business but I'm sure we can work it out! I'm one who just keeps playing until I figure it out and I have learnt a lot!! :-) Are you with Blogger?

    Happy Sewing - I'm sure you will be making lots of "baby" things now!

  2. hi robyn
    congrats on your lovely new addition - what a cutie!
    i see that helen has already offered, but if you need some help with the computer stuff, im more than happy to help - just flick me an email

  3. Hi Robyn, Congratulations on the new grandbaby!! I see that you were able to upload a few pics - thanks for sharing. I would offer my help also but I know that Helen and crafty pug will get you all the info you need.

  4. Oh, almost forgot - that orange and yellow flower in your top pictures is truly amazing - I've grown a lot of gerbera flowers, but have never seen one like that!!

  5. He is adorable. Congrats! I love your flowers in your header. I have always thought that yellow/orange is a good combo.

  6. Oh how wonderful... a new baby grandson!
    Congrats to the Mum & Dad too!!